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You’ll get personalized attention from Dave Bruels on planning your trip to China! Dave has 25 years experience in China with over 50+ trips and has personally researched not only the cities, sites and hotels, but new remote areas with few tourists that are now opening. See the many fascinating cultures of China – they’re like no other in the world! Dave plans each tour individually to your comfort, needs and interests as well as your budget. Private tours for 2 to 5 people, or small groups of 6-9, or larger groups 10+, all get the same personal attention.

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Whether it is a budget, or a deluxe 5 star tour, you can count on a quality tour at a reasonable price.

Ask for our references of many satisfied customers who will share with you their experiences and our services. We want you not only to see China but to experience it.

Quality Tours to China – It’s All We Do!

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Time to Retire after 26 Years!

There is always a time to retire from what I never considered a job but one of my pleasures of life.  After 26 years of traveling throughout China planning tours and trips for over 2,500 people it is time to retire.  I will still have the web site up for the balance of this year but will try to continue to write my Blog and help people with their questions and tours at no cost.  I worked in China for 5 years also working with Chinese companies and government agencies.  This gave me a wide entry to the Chinese market place and I found my enjoyment of learning all about China from the late 1980’s to the present experiencing the fantastic growth and changes in China.  From the late 1980’s when there were only 26 modern aircraft in the whole country to todays ultra modern airports, trains and the latest aircraft to serve the tourist industry.  I look forward to your questions on tourism in China and Tibet using me as a source of free individual information.   My friends call me  ChinaDave and my email address is interlak@eskimo.com     It has been a very interesting adventure learning about one country and having many rewarding experiences that make for good memories.Dr.-Ho0006ChinaDave0001ChinaDave0002ChinaDave0003Silk-Road-TourFamily-Visits0001Dave-and-the-Pandas-03Facing-Potala-Palace_07Villages-of-Yunnanabout100ChinaDave

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