Food Street Vendors in China

As a Tour Operator to China for over 23 years, I am often asked about eating snacks and meals from the street vendors. Is it safe? Will I get sick? After 25 years of travel in China and 50+ trips I can say I have tried and done just about everything. The photo above is of the ‘Night Market” as they call it in Beijing just off Wangfujing street. It is one of the best ones in China as others aren’t so neat and tidy looking. The government made them clean it up as the Olympics were coming and they wanted to make a good impression. 9 out of 10 times I would say you are not going to have a problem. It’s that 10th time you might get sick and then what? Meats and fish often are out of refrigeration for several hours even though they cook them in front of you. In all the times I have been in China I only got sick one time after eating in the countryside at a farmer’s home. I carry antibiotics with me at all times which is a good practice no matter where you travel. I have eaten at road side restaurants and many other places without getting sick but I am careful that everything is well cooked and stay away from certain foods like sausages that often give me diarrhea and any dishes with a lot of sauces which give you constipation because of the MSG in them. I carry medications for those problems too. For more information emailed me at any time. My 25 years of travel in China and over 2500 clients that I have sent to China give me a good background on traveling in China. Check my web site at  Click on the photo for a full screen view.