Playing Games in China

As a Tour Operator to China, I am often requested to plan more culture interests for my clients. I try to put itineraries together for clients that give them opportunities to have personal contact with as many local people as possible. Chinese people are extremely friendly and outgoing. Just a few learned words of Chinese greetings etc. is received with smiling faces. Chinese people love to have tea in a park, play Marjon as you see above or play Chinese card games and Chinese chess. If you really want to have fun, learn some of these games and especially Marjon which everyone plays. You really do not have to speak Chinese and they love playing games with foreigners. Card games can be very exciting and fun as well as easy to learn. You can take your children to the parks or school yards and let them play with the local children who love being able to interact with foreign children. Many speak English these days as it is the #1 language that is taught starting in fourth grade. Basketball, soccer and other games are popular. On a private tour your guide will be more than happy to help you share these experiences. I often play games or shoot baskets with the local people and it builds wonderful memories. Check out my web site at wwww.interlakechinatours As a Tours to China and China Tour Operator I have had over 25 years experience in travel to China.