Hiking in China

Many people ask me about hiking in China. There are many places to hike but few regular trails as we have in the U.S. except perhaps in National Parks. Much depends on your hiking wishes whether it be leisure or difficult hiking. The Great Wall is a favorite place to hike but can be difficult too depending on which section of the Wall is chosen. Hiking in National Parks is often on wooden plank trails to preserve the land. The Dragon’s Back is a favorite hiking area outside of Guilin at the Terraced Rice Paddies of Longsheng. Huashan mountains near Xian is another favorite area as well as Huangshan mountains in south China. I have hiked all over China for over 25 years and can give you recommendations for hiking at the level you choose including Tibet even though sometimes you might need to make your own trails in more remote areas. Light day hikes of course are always available for Birding or just the enjoyment of nature whether it is in the forests of the Bamboo Sea National park or the jungles of southern Yunnan around Xishuangbanna and their Botanical parks. Let my 25+ years in China and Tibet give you more ideas about visiting and hiking in China. Check my web site at www.interlakechinatours.com Private personal planned tours are my specialty.