Culture Show in Dunhuang

There are many culture shows in China based on history, individual cultures as well as celebrations. In 22 years of travelling in China, I have seen good ones and bad ones. I recommend only a few of them that I consider outstanding. One of them surprised me as being excellent as it is never included in group tours and only by accident did I find it. Dunhuang on the Silk Road tour is a small city in the desert but very historical and site of the Great Sand Dunes. I was in the city inspecting hotels when I saw a brochure on an evening show there. The guide asked me if I would like to attend it. Not expecting much but having nothing special to do other than check a good restaurant, so I went. The show is a historical show of ballet and music with fantastic costumes in a small theater that I loved. I now include it in all of my tours of the Silk Road. There are no speaking parts which is typical of Chinese shows like this so you don’t need a translation. The cost is little but the show was great for such a small town. For more information on shows in China, email me at