Dr. Ho and Son of Traditional Medicine Fame

I visited my old friend Dr. Ho of Chinese traditional medicine fame at his small clinic where he is retired in Baishan Village near Lijiang in Yunnan Province. In this small village surrounded by beautiful mountains, Dr. Ho continues the work of his father at age 90 along with his son and daughter in law who are both Doctors too. He sees patients and visitors almost daily in his make shift clinic always having the time to spend chatting with everyone that comes to see him. National Geographic and 60 Minutes both have visited him this year as his popularity continues wtih his wide spread following around the world. His son has built a museum as a legacy to his father’s work and it will soon be ready to view by everyone coming to see him. Never charging for “office calls” Dr. Ho is generous with his time and his talents to all of those who come. Now and then his wife pops in from their home right behind the small clinic. Be sure to take a guide with you as the clinic is small and often walked past if you do not know where it is. Check my web site for more information about touring China and the many unique and wonderful places to visit. Let my 25 years experience be of assistance to you in planning your tour to China. Check the web site at www.interlakechinatours.com