Tour Across the Takamankan Desert Itinerary

Tour Across the Takamankan Desert Itinerary

Day 1 Urumqi – Drive 120 km. to Heavenly Lake natural scenic area. Cruise on the lake and take a golf car around the lake. Return to the city and visit the Provincial Museum one of the best in western China. View some of the mummies from over 4000 years ago. Visit the Grand Bazaar. Transfer to the Tunhe Hotel. BLD
2 Urumqi/Turpan – Drive 2.5 hours past hundreds of wind powered windmills producing electricity for the area to the city of Turpan in the desert and the second lowest depression in the world. Visit the ruins of Jiaohe once a military stronghold 1600 years ago and defeated by the Mongols and destroyed. Visit the Ancient Karez, the underground water supply and irrigation system which is a marvel for its time. Visit Grape Valley famous for its sweet grapes and raisons. Transfer to the Tuha Hotel. BLD
3 Turpan – Visit the Ruins of Gaochang famous during the Tang Dynasty as a stop along the Silk Road and once a city of 12,000 people with a king during the first century A.D. You will visit the ruins by Donkey Cart and then visit the Bezeklik Caves located in the gorge valley of the Flaming Mountains. BLD
4 Turpan/Korle – Drive to Korle 380 km. Cross several magnificent valleys of the Tiashan Mountain and arrive at the town of fragrant pears. Visit Iron Gate Pass and city tour. Transfer to the Bazhou Hotel. BLD
5 Korle/Kuqa – Drive to Kuqa 280 km. a large city in habited by Uygurs. Visit the Subashi Ancient Temple since the Han Dynasty and well preserved. Visit the Grand Mosque of Kuqa and the Old Bazaar. Transfer to the Kuqa hotel. BLD
6 Kuqa/Aksu – Drive to Aksu 360 km. after detouring to the Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves built around the 4th century A.D and best preserved caves in Xinjiang. These caves are very different from other Buddhist caves in that they are done in the Indian Gandaghar Buddhist art style. Transfer to the HongfuJinlan Hotel. BLD
7 Aksu/Kashgar – Drive to Kashgar 470 km through several mini-oasis villages and transfer to the Tianyuan International Hotel. BLD
8 Kashgar – Visit the morning Markets of Kashgar. In the afternoon visit the Old Town area seeing many home workshops and how the Uygur people live as they did in ancient days. Visit the Mausoleum of Apakhoja and the Tomb of the Fragrant Concubine. Visit the Etgar Mosque. BLD.
9 Kashgar/Karakul Lake – Tour the Karakurum Highway to Karakukl Lake 180 km. and enjoy the snow capped mountain of Muztagh Ata and the lake. On the way back to Kashgar visit the Muhammed Kashgari’s Tomb Complex of the 11th century. BLD
10 Kashgar/Hotan – Drive to Hotan 520 km. and pass by town like Yengisar famous for hand made knives. Visit Yarkent-old capital of Karahnate Kingdom of the 15th century with late afternoon arrival at the famous Jade Town of Hotan. Transfer to the Hotian Hotel. BL
11 Hotan/Urumqi- In the morning visit the Malikewat Ancient ruins and the famous ancient Market of Hotan where you will see many hand made items at low prices. Take an evening flight to Urumqi and transfer to the Tunhe Hotel. BLD
This tour may be taken in its whole or in part according to your available time. Please ask for an itinerary and quote for a shorter tour of this area.
Included: Hotels, transportation as listed, meals as listed, sightseeing, English speaking guides with car or private bus with driver.
Not Included: Tips to guides and drivers and any expenses of a personal nature.

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