5 Day Ecological Tour Itinerary

5 Day Ecological Tour of the BAMBOO SEA NATIONAL PARK


Day 1 Chengdu/Leshan/Zigong – Guide will take you to Yellow Creek Village a UNESCO site of an old village that has been preserved like it was 200 years ago. Your guide will then take you to see the largest Buddha in the world carved into the side of a cliff known as the Leshan Buddha. You will then be taken through the countryside to the city of Zigong for lunch and known for the Ancient Salt Mine as well as the Museum of Dinosaurs from one of the sites near here. Transfer to your hotel. BLD
2 Zigong/YiBin/LiZhang Town/Bamboo Sea – Morning in Zigong to visit the Museum of Dinosaurs and the Ancient Salt Mine museum. After lunch you will continue to the city of YiBin and LiZhuang Town as rural Sichuan cities before checking into the beautiful 5 star Eden Resort Hotel. Great Indoor Pool and Spa to relax and enjoy before or after dinner. BLD
3 Bamboo Sea National Park. Guide will take you into the beautiful Bamboo National Park where you will see large forests of Bamboo of all kinds as well as birds, huge butterflies and many insects known in this area. Take a cable car ride for over 4 kms. across the top of the Bamboo Sea forest for fantastic close up views from above. There are many hiking trails and interesting photo opportunities available for those who want to explore more into the forest. Return to the Eden Resort for the evening. BLD
4 Bamboo Sea/Dazu. Guide will take you through another section of the Bamboo Sea in the morning before lunch. Visit a beautiful lake and take a canoe ride through another part of the forest noting the quiet undisturbed areas. After lunch you will continue out of the Park and through the countryside to Dazu and transfer to the your hotel BLD
5 Dazu/Chongqing – Guide will take you to the famous Buddhist Carvings in this area known for the Reclining Buddha amongst many other ancient carvings. After lunch you will continue on to the city of Chongqing.

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