Sample Itinerary 1


Sept 1 Depart U.S.
2 Arrive Beijing – Met by guide and transferred to the Songhe Hotel in the central district.
3 Beijing – Guide will take you to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Hutongs old neighborhoods with family visit. After lunch you will visit the Panjiayuan Antique Market held just on weekends. Balance of the day free to adjust to the time change. BL dinner on your own.
4 Beijing – Guide will take you to the Great Wall at Mutianyu early in the morning before rush traffic. Stop at the Lama Temple on the way back to the city known for the 5 story tall Buddha carved from one tree trunk. Special Daijiacun Dinner tonight. BLD
5 Beijing – Guide will take you to the Summer Palace in the morning. After lunch you will go to the Temple of Heaven and Culture Street. BL dinner on your own tonight.
6 Beijing/Hohhot/Grasslands – Guide will transfer you to the airport for your early morning flight to Hohhot. In Hohhot you will be met by the local guide and transferred through the countryside up into the Mongolian Grasslands and stay in a Yurt for the night. Visit a Mongolian grasslands family in their home. After dinner you will be entertained by the local Mongolian people with songs and dance some of the most beautiful music in China. BLD
7 Grasslands/Hohhot/Baotou – Guide will transfer you back to Hohhot in the morning and visit the Johkang Temple before going to Baotou in the afternoon either by car or train. In Baotou you will meet the guide and transfer to the BaoTau Hotel. BLD
8 Baotou/Desert/Baotou and evening train to Datong. – Guide will take you to the desert area known as the “Singing Sands” for a first hand look at the mountain of sand which is the edge of the great desert. Ride a camel if you like…much nicer than a horse as I remember. Transfer back to Baotou and take the evening train to Datong. Arrive in Datong and transfer to the Yungang Hotel. BLD
9 Datong – Guide will take you to the famous YunGang Grottoes in the morning and the HuaYuan Temple and Shan Hua Temple in the afternoon. BL (dinner on your own tonight at one of the local restaurants. Have the guide help you with the menu etc.)
10 Datong/Taiyuan – You will go to Taiyuan today by car stopping at the beautiful “Hanging Temple” that is over 1200 years old built into a cliff. Stop at Dong Ge Tun village built into the countryside with clay. Also visit across the road with the Cave people seeing how people still live in caves yet today. Stop at Huan Yuan Town and see the Wooden Pagoda built in 1056 and largest all wooden pagoda in China. Note the Great Wall in the distance off to your right. Arrive in Taiyuan and transfer to the Traffic Hotel. BLD
11 Taiyuan/Pingyao – by car. On the way to Pingyao, you will visit the Qiau family house with 313 rooms made famous by the movie “Raise the Red Lantern” (see if you can rent the movie before you go) Arrive at the ancient city of Pingyao which is a UNESCO preserved walled city left exactly as it was over 100 years ago. The first bank in China was started here and still exists although not used of course. The City Wall is over 600 years old. You will transfer to the De Ju Yuan Guest House once stayed at by a French President. (western comforts of course) BLD
12 Pingyao/Taiyuan – Spend the morning at leisure in Pingyao before lunch. After lunch you will transfer back to Taiyuan were you will visit Jingsi Temple and gardens built in 984. Transfer back to the Traffic Hotel. BLD
13 Taiyuan/Xian – Guide will transfer you to the airport for your early morning flight to Xian. In Xian you will be met by the local guide and transferred to the Xian Oriental Hotel. Guide will take you to lunch and then to the Provincial Museum and the Muslim Old Quarters. Special Traditional Dumpling Dinner tonight. BLD
14 Xian – Guide will take you to the famous Terra Cotta Warriors site in the morning. After lunch you will go to the HuaQing Pools once the site of the Tang Dynasty Summer Palace. You will be taken to the Bampo Museum site of an 8000 year old village found on this site. After dinner you will attend the wonderful Tang Dynasty Show. BLD
15 Xian/Chengdu – by air. In the morning you will visit the Wild Goose Pagoda Park, Ancient Culture street and a walk on the City Wall of this once ancient capital. After lunch you will be transferred to the airport for your afternoon flight to Chengdu. In Chengdu you will be met by the local guide who will transfer you to the Xin Shu Lian Hotel. Special “Hot Pot” traditional dinner tonight. In the evening you will see the famous Sichuan Opera famous for the changing of the face very quickly. BLD
16 Chengdu/Leshan/Yellow Creek Village/Chengdu – Guide will take you to the city of Leshan to see the largest Buddha in the world carved in the hill side red stone at the meeting of two rivers. In the afternoon you will go to the Yellow Creek Village a UNESCO site known for its traditional houses and streets. Return to Chengdu in the evening. BLD (special dinner at a Grandma’s Kitchen restaurant for some western food for a change)
17 Chengdu/Wolong Panda Preserve – Starting your tour into the mountains by car, you will first go to the world famous Panda Preserve at Wolong. See new born Pandas in the nursery as well as full size Pandas in the grass covered yards. Visit the new Panda Museum. Transfer to the Wolong Guest House. BLD
18 Wolong/Danba – Tibetan Village home stay – In the morning you will go over a Pass at 14,500 feet where you can see Mt. Balengshan which is 20,000 feet. After lunch in Xiaojing you will stop at the small village of Dawei made entirely from rocks found in the river area. The “Long March Bridge” is below. If possible stop and talk to the children or try to visit the school. Many speak English here in this remote area. In Danba you will transfer to a local hotel. BLD
19 Danba – After breakfast you will be taken to see the “Watch Towers” near by in the morning. Late morning you will be taken to the Tibetan village of Jiaju for lunch and spend the night in a Tibetan Family Guest House. Hike around the village for wonderful views of this unique village and valley. BLD
20 Danba/Kangding – Leaving Danba you will start up these beautiful mountains over another 14,000 foot pass and through a fantastic plateau seeing Yaks and sheep as you arrive at Huiyuan Monastery for a visit with the Tibetan monks. You will be allowed inside and able to take pictures here which is not usually allowed in Monasteries. The Monks here are very friendly and love to have their pictures taken. Continue on seeing the snow covered mountains and small Tibetan villages. You will stop for lunch at a typical mountain Bed & Breakfast called the Golden Sun for a delicious lunch outside amongst the blooming flowers and garden. Take a tour of the house if you like. Note the home across the street for a good photo opportunity. On the way to Kangding you will stop for a rest near the Golden Tower Monastery which was built just three years ago and has over $1,200,000 in pure gold leaf covering the top. Arrive in the city of Kangding and transfer to the Gesar Hotel or other. Wonderful wild river goes down the middle of the city. BLD
21 Kangding/Moxi Village – Before leaving the city you will go through the city market area. (try the cactus fruit –It is fantastic!) Buy some fruit for the road or along the road from the local people. Go over another 14,000 foot pass through the mountains with breath taking scenery. Stop whenever you like to enjoy the mountain air. Watch for the natural hot springs and the local Tibetan Ladies enjoying themselves along the road. Arrive in Moxi Village and transfer to the “Long March Hotel”. BLD
22 Hailougou National Park and Hot Springs – Guide will take you up into the National Park at several levels. The top level you can take a cable car across the Glacier to close to the summit of the mountain. (optional if you want to go or not as cost is a bit high) or hike up to the glacier for a wonderful view of Golden Mountain. After lunch you will go part way down the mountain to the “Hot Springs” for a wonderful soaking and relaxing hour or more. (5 levels of hot springs at different temperatures) Be sure to bring your bathing suit! Return to Moxi village and dinner. You might walk up into the village in the evening as the local people are very friendly. BLD
23 Hailougou/Chengdu – Today you will leave the mountains and return to Chengdu and the lower elevations. Transfer back to the Xin Shu Lian Hotel. BL Dinner on your own tonight.
24 Chengdu/Kunming/LiJiang – Morning Free on your own. Guide will transfer you to the airport for your afternoon flight to Kunming. In Kunming you will Pick up your luggage and an agent will be waiting for you holding up a sign outside the luggage area. The agent will have your ticket for LiJiang and help you check in for your next flight. In LiJiang you will be met by the local guide and transferred to the Grand LiJiang Hotel across the street from “Old Town”. Special Traditional Naxi Dinner tonight as a Welcome to LiJiang ancient city. BD Lunch on your own today.
25 LiJiang – Guide will take you to the Spruce Meadows for a wonderful view of Snow Dragon Mountain. After lunch you will stop at the old traditional Naxi village and hopefully see Dr. Hu there of Chinese traditional medicine fame. (he speaks English very well and loves to show his shop) He was 81 years old last time I saw him. After returning to the city you will stop at Black Dragon Pool Lake and park, and visit the Naxi Museum. After dinner you will attend the famous Dongba Palance Show of dance and traditional Naxi Music. BLD
26 LiJiang – Free day today to enjoy this wonderful village. Over 300 small bridges spanning the small water ways. LiJiang is known as the city of waters. Make sure you have lots of film as this is one of the most scenic cities in China and my personal favorite small town. For lunch you might go to Western Street for many types of western food or Mama Fu’s restaurant along one of the colorful streams. B only.
27 LiJiang/Kunming/Guilin – Guide will transfer you to the airport for your flight to Kunming. Pick up your luggage again here! You may be given your air tickets to Guilin in LiJiang if the connection is close. If not the local agent in Kunming will meet you and give you a city tour before returning you to the airport. In Guilin you will be met by the local guide and transferred to the Universal Hotel on the river. B only. There is a wonderful evening walk around the center of the city at the Lake Park with many restaurants. (we must be flexible with this connection because of limited flights)
28 Guilin/Foggy Resort. The guide will take you through the countryside to the beautiful Foggy Resort near the Li River and Crown Cave. Enjoy walking around this beautiful area and local small village overlooking the gardens and river. Nice pool with whirl pool here too. Your guide will leave you and return the next day to take you to the boat dock to board your boat and continue on down the LI river with you to the village of Yangshuo once visited by Presidents Carter and Clinton. Visit Crown Cave if you like not far away. BLD
29 Foggy Resort/Yangshuo via the Li River Day Cruise – Guide will transfer you to the boat dock from the resort to take the cruise down to Yangshuo. Arrive at Yangshuo and transfer to the Paradise Hotel standard room. Guide will leave you here and return on Oct. 1st to transfer you to the airport for your flight to Shanghai. BL dinner on your own. (great restaurants and shopping here)
30 Yangshuo – Free day to do as you please in this village. Can take a bike ride into the countryside, go shopping or just enjoy this wonderful village on the banks of the Li River. Many funky restaurants with both western and Chinese food here. B only.
Oct 1 Yangshuo/Guilin/Shanghai – Guide will return this afternoon at an agreed time and transfer you to the Guilin Airport for your flight to Shanghai this evening. In Shanghai you will be met by the local guide and transferred to the Peace Hotel South Tower on the Bund and Nanjing Road. B only. Lunch and Dinner on your own.
2 Shanghai – Guide will take you to the famous #1 Yu Garden in the old district in the morning. After lunch you will be taken to the Shanghai National Musem and Peoples Square. After an early dinner you will attend the famous Shanghai Acrobats show at the new beautiful
Theatre. BLD
3 Shanghai/Jin Xi/Luzhi/Suzhou – Guide will take you to the small water towns of Jin Xi and Luzhi known for the beautiful canals, old houses from the Qing Dynasty and scenery along with shopping especially for fresh water pearls. (bought several strands for my wife this last trip) Arrive in Suzhou in the evening after dinner and transfer to the NanLing Hotel. BLD
4 Suzhou – (known as City of Gardens and Silk) Guide will take you to the #2 Garden in China the Humble Administrator’s Garden, the Silk Factory with Fashion Show (silk comforters are great here) before lunch. After lunch you will go to Tiger Hill Park, the Lingering Gardens and a short ride on the Grand Canal. BL Dinner on your own tonight.
5 Suzhou/Shanghai airport/Home – Guide will transfer you to the Shanghai Pudong Airport for your flight home. B. only
Included: All domestic transportation, hotels, meals as indicated, sight seeing tickets and some evening entertainment as listed, English speaking guides with car and drivers, and the LI River Day Cruise. Complete tour packet that includes travel insurance forms for your use and 40 pages of information to prepare you for your trip that I write myself.
Not Included: Tips to guides and drivers, Chinese visa (we have the forms and instructions) and any expenses of a personal nature or not specifically listed as included.


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