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Our belief is that clients should be able to go to China and see and experience what they are interested in rather than stock tours of general interest. One can not see a whole country in just one trip. We can plan a custom tour to your specific interests and hotel level of comfort. That is our expertise. See our profile page (Word .doc format) that gives us information that you supply in order to plan a tour just for you.

We can work just about any interests you have into your tour. Families particularly like the way we work children’s interests into their tours whether it is visiting a sports school, one of the Children’s Palaces where Chinese children learn the arts after school, ride a camel, do some bargain shopping or just enjoy meeting Chinese people. We try to make each tour a very personal one for you. 

Specific interests of culture, art, music, ancient artifacts, nature and many other interests can be worked into your tour. Food is a wonderful experience in China and whether it is simple meals in restaurants surrounded by Chinese local people, or a gourmet meal fit for an Emperor, we can arrange it for you.

Custom tours are not that much more expensive. They just take a little more of our time to do like fine wine. Perhaps that is why 25% of our business is repeat customers or referrals that we have received from our many satisfied clients in the past 25 years.

See some of our samples under the “tours” pull-down menu at the top.

Inquire for our list of some of our clients who do not mind being contacted either about their tours or our services.

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Am glad you found my web site.  As you can see I have retired or at least in the process of closing down the business.  It has been 25 years of most interesting experiencesPanda0001 of my life.  In my work life I held many positions in business either as VP of Sales, President of some companies mostly in the Lawn and Garden field.  I also developed a few retail products which are still being sold today.  Retired at age 47 I became interested in China as a culture and country that was going to be a world power some day…..that day has come already.  When you go to China you will find the most friendly people and they love Americans and American culture.  China can be very overwhelming to say the least.  It is important to do research on where you want to go and what you want to do and see. Trying to see too much only has you wasting time in airports and train stations.  Group tours in my estimation for China is not a great experience since they are of general interest and there are a few bad ones as well.  A private tour with your special interests and the way you want to do it is best.  This does not waste time and a well planned tour will give you the best experience possible with many good memories to take home.  Being fully retired now (in off season we travelled to many other countries spending as much as a month in each one) I love to share my information without expecting anything in return.  Please feel free to contact me with your questions and I will be glad to help you.   You can email me at    email:   I will give you our home number when you contact me.   Happy Travels,  ChinaDave   P.S.   Note my Archives on the right side here with over 450 short stories of tour information that I have updated over the years.

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