Independent Travel in China

My wife and I travel during the off season throughout Europe taking one country each year for a month.  We find it very easy to make arrangements as many things are done about the same as in the U.S.  There are also many helpful sites to obtain information on hotels and sites.   I have travelled throughout China for 25+ years from times when there were only 26 modern aircraft in the whole country (1989).  Today either by train or by air is most modern and convenient.  However booking transportation is much different than in the U.S.  With over 1.3 billion people in the country it can often be overwhelming dealing with the local infrastructure.  Renting a car is possible but highly not recommended.  Before attempting to travel in China on your own you should obtain as much information as possible.  Here I have over 400+ stories with photos to help you.  For additional information feel free to contact me with your questions with no pressure to sell you a tour.  My name is Dave and my email address is:   Chinese food0003Hotels-BikingLiJiang0001Wild-Goose-Pagoda-ParkDave-and-the-Pandas-03Silk-Road-Tour