A Chinese Visa Is Required

When planning a tour to China do not forget the Chinese visa which is required to visit China or the Tibet permit if you are going to Tibet.  Group Tour companies as well as private arranged tours do not generally include the Visa applications required.  You can download the information and forms needed on line.  I use CIBT.Com for which I get a small discount for my clients.  Just ask and I will have the kit emailed to you too.  The Visa is valid for an extensive time for 30 day visits.  An extension is possible but must be done in China.  Special visas for business and students can also be applied for.  The Chinese Consulates do not accept applications by mail but if located in your city you can apply in person.   A visa service like CIBT.Com takes care of the application to the Consulates.   Cost can average from $140 per person  (most recent cost) at the Consulates or about $200 if applied through a Visa Service plus the delivery charge each way with UPS, FedEx or other service.  Again these are the most recent costs and can change.  For more information on a Visa, I will be glad to answer any questions or you may contact CIBT direct.