The “Friendly” Chinese People

Musuo-In all my travels over the years I find the Chinese people to be one of the friendliness people in the world along with their great sense of humor.  Their faces light up when they meet you whether waving back at you or the children saying their little English of  “Hello”.   They are as curious of you and you will be of them.  In the countryside houses have no door bells so a friendly “Hello” or “Ni Hou” is received with an open door and often invited to tea.  Your guide can translate for you and these open house visits are very special to learn more about their life and how they live.  As they say, “You are a Guest of the Country” so you are treated as such too.  If you are ever lost while taking a walk, just take out a map and someone will step out of the crowd who speaks English and will help you.  Often if close by they will even take you there.  I have many hundreds of great memories in my 50+ trips over the past 25 years to China of such meetings and some have turned into long time friendships.  For more personal questions, please feel free to contact me by email at   My name is Dave and live here in Seattle.tibet-womanGeneral-ChinaZhrung-LadyGuides-and-TippingMs.-LiVillages-of-Yunnan