Hot Springs in China

When touring it is really nice to take a day off and relax…especially at a Hot Springs.  During a trip through the Sichuan mountains while working on a new tour itinerary I found this very delightful Hot Springs with fantastic views.  There are five different levels of hot mineral springs water each with a different temperature.   The views of the valley and snow topped mountains are outstanding.  During the morning we took a cable car across a glacier field to the snows where we found some local people selling snacks at that level.  They had hiked up the 6 mile gorge to sell their hot snacks kept warm on hot coals.  Going down the cable car we had lunch at the bottom and then proceeded down to enjoy the mineral hot springs before heading down the mountain.  One can see the itinerary that I put together in my Packaged Tours under Mountain Tour.  For more information contact me at   email:   My name is Dave and I have been enjoying the hot springs during my trip through the Sichuan mountains for several years where few tourists ever go.  Hot-SpringsHot-Springs0002Hot-Springs0001