Tibetan Temples in China

Visiting-a-MonasteryTibet to China is like Alaska is to the U.S.  A bit distant to get to and little (continued below the photos)

guidetibet-womanMonastery-0002Zhonglu-Village-Danba_07more expensive as well.  I usually ask clients for their reasons to go to Tibet as it adds a lot of cost to a China Tour.  Most say it is because it is mysterious or remote.   Others say they are interested in the Tibetan culture and religion.  Only 1/3rd of the Tibetan people live in Tibet now.  Many live in northern India and the rest in China.  One does not have to go to Tibet if just interested in their culture or religion.  There are many villages and towns in China that are Tibetan with beautiful Monasteries.  With good planning some can be worked into a China tour without needing to go to Tibet.  Zhongdian and the mountains of Sichuan are just two places.  On the plateaus of the Sichuan mountains are beautiful remote monasteries with some of them trimmed in 24 ct. gold which can be seen for miles.   For more information please let us hear from you.  My name is Dave here in Seattle and you can email me at  interlak@eskimo.com