Cave Homes in China

Cave HomeCave PeopleThere are thousands of cave homes in China mostly in the North.  Both warm in the winter and cool in the summer they make ideal homes for those that want to live in the ancient ways of their forefathers.  There are rural caves carved into a hill side and lined with waterproof materials to keep dry.  There are also urban cave dwellers who dig a large square hole in the ground and then dig caves off of it.  Kitchens, living areas, bedrooms all can be made for whole families.  I have been in these caves and find them very comfortable although a nice view from a window is not possible of course.  Normally when on a private tour your guide may know of a family that you might visit in their home.  Group tours seldom have such a tour as you can imagine hosting a large group of people.  For more information on where to visit these unique homes, email us at    My name is Dave and I am always willing to share information on travel in China.