Booking your International Air

Booking international air and from whom can be a difficult sometimes without all the information to make a good decision.  Most people go strictly by price and that isn’t all bad either as we all like to save money.  Great service can be over played sometimes as every airline will say they are the best.  Closer examination can be telling of why some are more than others.  Time of arrival at the destination should be one consideration.  Airlines pay landing fees at each airport and the later arrivals pay less than the convenient mid day or late afternoon landings.  For China arriving late say 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. is less costly for the airline, but less convenient for you too.  After a long day of flying it is difficult to get to sleep as it is day time at home and your body clock tells you to stay awake.  Arriving in the later afternoon you will have time to have a nice dinner and stay awake until at least 10:00 and wake up the next morning rested.  Non-stop flights are best and often take much less time than having several stops which might be less costly.  Seattle/Beijing is just 11 hours.  Check the number of hours the different airlines take too.  One airline gives a great price from Los Angeles to Beijing…but takes 22 hours.  L.A./Chicago/Beijing.  Good homework will help you make a good decision.  Tour operators who want to sell you a tour often have the lowest price on the air tickets in order to get you to book a tour with them.  ie. myself.  I hope this helps you in making a good decision on your flights.Image0001