Tipping in China

Tipping was once considered Western bribery by the government and there were signs in English advising  “No Tipping Allowed”.  As China became more exposed to western customs in the 1990’s and later, those signs were taken down.  Tipping is still rare as service charges are included in hotel, restaurants and other establishments.  Bell hops however appreciate a very small tip however when taking your luggage to your room.  For a taxi, you just round off the meter to the next highest yuan is sufficient.  Highway tolls however are added to the meter reading.  If you are in most restaurants and the service you receive from a waiter or waitress is exceptional, even then any tip left must be turned into the restaurant  owner and not kept by the receiver.  There are very small value coins in China which they often call “Begger”  money and are often a nuisance to keep.  Although there are few beggers, I save these in my pocket for those special needs people you will see mostly in the larger cities.  If you are using a guide on a tour either group tour or private tour, they will expect tips as well as bus or private car drivers.  Drivers of group tour buses or private cars for tours seldom if ever speak English and are professional drivers which you will appreciate in China.  You tip guides and drivers at the end of your time with them usually at the airport or train stations.  Contact us at  email:  interlak@eskimo.com   for more information.Guides-and-TippingLocal-restarurants0001Daves-trip-2011-099