Chinese Money & Exchange

A tip on Chinese money is to wait until you get to China to exchange your money or obtain local money.  The rates charged outside the country are as much as 30% sometimes.  You may exchange money at the hotels for a very small exchange rate as a service to their customers.  There are Cash Machines and banks in the large cities available however in the lessor cities or countryside you must have Chinese Yuan.  Banks in the small cities or countryside do not exchange foreign currency or the hotels too. The largest bill is 100 yuan which is worth approximately $16.00 U.S. dollars.  When exchanging money be sure to ask for some smaller bills too as you will need them for small purchases.  Not all street vendors will have change for 100 yuan.  Cash is King in China as you will see.  Credit cards are accepted in department stores, hotels and government stores but not many other  places including most large restaurants.  For more information let us hear from you at   email:   My name is Dave and I am always happy to answer any personal questions.Money