Visit Shanghai

Image0003One of the great cities of the world is Shanghai.  I have travelled there for many years watching the development of the city.  Pudong area across the river from Shanghai proper was a large empty flat piece of land just 25 years ago.  There was one building that displayed a mock up of what the city fathers saw as the future of Pudong.  The group that I was with looked at it with a smile thinking those were far beyond reason.  The photos here today show what Shanghai has accomplished in this short time.  Well worth at least 3 days or more of any tour to take in all that Shanghai has to offer but too many to list here.  In my over 50 working trips to China for my business I usually  spendImage0002 3 to 4 weeks all over China.  However I take 2 or 3 days to relax before coming home and those are spent in Shanghai.  Shanghai evolves and changes with each trip and I always look forward to seeing what’s new!