Holidays and Festivals in China

CrowdThere are many Holidays and Festivals in China.  The one pictured here is the Lantern Festival in Nanjing.  There are three main holidays.  New Years, May 1st. and October 1st.   These holidays most people have a full week off.  New Years people go to their parents home which is a tradition.  During these holidays and many Festivals hotels, planes and trains are well booked in advance.  I normally suggest not touring during these periods as the expense is greater and travel is more difficult.  In a country of 1.3 billion people you can often see crowds like this during holidays or festivals at many tourist sites.  Best times to tour are March/April,  June, July and August although a bit warm, or I like September and the last three weeks of October best.  Cities like Shanghai with over 40 million people in the district crowds in the shopping areas and popular sites are common.  Mornings are less crowded than afternoons or evenings usually.   For more information feel free to contact us at  email: