Medical in China

I had a question on medical assistance or problems in China.  First I should mention that Travel Insurance yes can be a bit expensive if you didn’t need it.   However it is very cheap if you do need it.  You can cover your needs with a good travel insurance plan no matter what country you go to.  I always buy travel insurance myself as we travel to many countries during our off season.  My wife just had to make a claim this week due to a medical problem that will not allow her to go on a Hiking Tour with her buddies.  Her trip was 100% refunded.  In the large cities of China medical hospitals are available and clinics in the smaller towns. Check your health insurance policy to see if you are covered outside the country. You should take an antibiotic suggested by your doctor as well as common over the counter products for diarrhea and constipation.  Do not drink the water even in a 5 star hotel including brushing your teeth.  2 bottles of water are usually included in your room.  A small refrigerator may also be in your room too.  Chinese use the additive MSG for flavoring in most of their food  which can cause constipation.  This is usually used in any gravy type foods.  It is o.k. to eat them but in smaller amounts perhaps.  Just be aware of it.  If you will be travelling to Tibet or any place over 5,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level you might want to take a medication for high altitude sickness.  I do not recommend going to places of high altitude if you have heart disease.  I ask for a doctor’s release for any clients who are 80 years older or have a history of heart disease.  I myself have heart disease and had some problems in Lhasa the last time I was there.   If you have any  other questions on health or touring China please let me know.  email me at My name is Dave.Chinese food0003Dr.-Ho0006Facing-Potala-Palace_07: