The best book I have found on meeting the Chinese people is one called  “Encountering The Chinese”  The 3rd Edition is out giving the latest information on interacting with Chinese as well as getting to know an Ancient Culture and  (continue reading below)book-on-China0001 being a Modern Country.  The book is great not just for tourists but anyone who will be interacting with Chinese people.  The more you understand their culture the better success you will have in business as well as understanding their cultural ways.  For anyone going there to teach classes or be a student, this book is invaluable.  I highly recommend it and some people have found it difficult to find; so I have about 100 copies that I ordered from the publisher.  If you would like a copy I will mail you one post paid for $25.  You may send your check or money order to   Interlake China Tours, Inc.  P.O. Box 33652  Seattle, WA. 98133  You can expect to receive it in about 2 weeks.