Use of Guides in China

Some people question the use of guides when travelling in different countries.  I have to agree with them sometimes especially in countries where it is easy to get around and English is a major 2nd. language.  China is not one of those.  Guides add greatly to a tour in China.  The language problem is one with so many different dialects or completely different languages.  Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing are all different from each other to name some of the most important ones.  There are 57 different nationalities in China each with their own language and sub languages.  Thus just for languages the guide can be very important to you.  Sightseeing is another one which is most important as you may walk right by an important sight without knowing it without a good guide.  Your particular interests can be taken into consideration with a guide as well without having to see sights that may not be as interesting to you but are included in a standard tour.  It is why I do mostly Private Customized Tours to my customer’s special interests.  One must also know that guides MUST have a Special Permit issued by the government which shows they have had special training in guiding tourists.  It is illegal to act as a guide for tourists without this permit and the guide can be arrested and you left holding the bag so to speak.  For more information on guides email me at   My name is Dave and I am always glad to help.  Guide-and-Driverimage15Group-LectureGuides-and-Tipping