China – Many Cultures in One Country

China is like a tour of many countries with over 57 different cultures within its borders.  Each has their own dress, language and unique customs.  Over 90% are Han Chinese which we often think of as the typical Chinese.  Same as when people refer to us as Americans.  I answer, “What does an American look like?”   We Americans are of many races and cultures as well.  There are many different cultures in south China between Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces to visit with many just miles apart.  Far western China is the home to many different cultures as well often mistaken for middle                              (continued below photos)ShowsKashgar0001Facing-Potala-Palace_07Cloisonne0001Shi-Mao-Ting-or-SherryMs.-LiMusuo-Nancys-China-2012-497General-Chinaeastern people.  Tibet has several cultures too.  Only 1/3rd of the Tibetans live within the Tibetan borders.  The others live in North India, and the Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Qinghai.  During the late fall many Tibetan tribal people come to Lhasa to trade their goods and buy needed supplies for the year.   Left over money after selling their goods and buying supplies is often spent on having a good time before returning to their homes in the remote areas of Tibet.  After travelling throughout China and Tibet for the past 25 years I have learned to appreciate the wonders of an ancient culture that continues to fascinate me over and over again.  Friendly people, great food, ancient cultures and modern China is all in one country to visit.  We specialize in showing you your special interests with customized private tours to your needs and requests.