Yangtze River Cruise

One of the best cruises in the world is the Yangtze River cruise.  Not a long cruise, one lasting about 4 days but one of the most beautiful river cruises in a very historic and interesting country.  The 3 Gorges are fantastic and the side trips off the boat the same.   The Yangtze river is very smooth and one hardly realizes they are really sailing.  Going through the Largest Locks in the world and then visiting them on land is something to be remembered.  There are many ship lines on the river however one needs to be very careful which line they choose.  Some are not as clean as they should be and if the cost is very cheap, there is a reason for that.  A top choice line is not that much more but the comforts and amendments are important for a memorable cruise.  I represent the Century Line with new ships, great food and activities of all kinds including some off ship sightseeing and evening shows all included.  To check them out go to www.centuryrivercruises.com    I have special prices for you when booking a land tour of 10 days or more.  For more information contact us at www.interlakechinatours.com    My name is Dave and we have over 25 years experience in China travel and rated A+ by the BBB of Seattle. Yangshuo Resort0003