China Safe for Tourism

Air-Map-to-ChinaWith all the problems in so many countries and air flight warnings, there are still some safe countries to tour in relatively safe conditions.  China is one of them.  No guns are allowed in China.  There are severe penalties for breaking the laws.  I have travelled China for 26 years and find it much more safe than my own city here at home.  China, and most of southeast Asia are safe places to visit.  Hainan Airlines which I represent has direct non-stop flights from Boston, Chicago, San Jose and Seattle.  Connections from most large cities to these hubs have special prices too when linked with an international flight.  From Seattle it is just a 11 hour flight to Beijing.  Flying up the coast of Canada, Alaska, Aleutian Islands, Siberia and into Beijing.  Flying new 787’s from most areas insures a safe and smooth ride to Beijing or Shanghai with returns from Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing.  Ask for my list of references that you may contact about their tours and/or my services.  26 years experience in doing tours to China with my Chinese Associate Partners with a A+ rating from the BBB.  Contact me for further information at:  interlak@eskimo.comGuizhou-Province0002Dave-and-the-Pandas-03Old-and-New-China