Longji Rice Terraces

One of the most beautiful days you can have is outside Guilin in the mountains viewing the Longi Rice Terraces.  They are some of the most beautiful in China.  A guide can take you there where there are some small villages and hotel that overlooks the rice terraces for lunch.  The Dragon’s Back Ridge is above which can be hiked as well.  Near by are small villages of the Dong and Zhrung people.  The women have the longest hair in the world as they only cut it once during their life time.  This can all be done in one day but if you are interested in hiking, the guide can take you up further to a small village with a wonderful old hotel with modern facilities to stay overnight..  You can then hike back on the Dragon’s Back Ridge to the hotel overlooking the rice terraces where your car and driver will meet you.  For any that do not want to hike, they may ride with the driver back to the hotel below while others hike with the guide.  Just one more adventure amongst many available in China.  ??????,?? (Rice terraces in early morning mist, Guangxi ProvinceGuizhou0001Longji-Rice-Terraces0001