Traditional Chinese Hotel

There are many traditional Chinese Hotels now as the tourists seem to really enjoy the experience at least once.  There are several different levels and many with very updated facilities can be very expensive.  One that I stayed at is the Blossom Hill Boutique Hotel in Lijiang.  There are two of them but I enjoyed the older one best as the original structure was kept while the other is more modern Chinese traditional.  The lounges, library, breakfast area and everything with an open court yard makes the atmosphere very special.  When I was there we had an evening social provided by the hotel in the courtyard.  It was a great time to meet local Chinese people as well as a few tourist who managed to find this hotel.  The hotel is not easy to find as it is in the quiet part of the Old Village so having a guide always helps.  Breakfast is included and the breakfast room has all the Chinese traditional character one would expect and more. Although traditional Chinese, the bathroom is totally modern and unique.  For more information contact us at   email:  interlak at  My name is Dave and I have stayed at several hundred hotels in China and Tibet over the years.  Part of my job is inspecting hotels that we recommend so that you comfort is insured.Boutique-HotelsBoutique-Hotels0002Boutique-Hotels0001Boutique-Hotels0003