The Li River Day Cruise

Li-River0001Everyone knows about cruising the Yangtze which takes about 4 days and is fantastic.  Few people know about the Li River cruise.  The cruise starts near Guilin and takes about 4.5 hours of some of the most beautiful scenery in China down to the town of Yangshuo.  The cruise is through the beautiful haystack like hills and you see rural China life as it really is close up.  Lunch is served on the boat and arriving in Yangshuo you will enjoy good shopping and local color.  In the evening on the river is the famous Impression Sanjie Liu with over 900 local people participating along with animals at night on the river against the haystack like hills.  The music and lighting are not to be believed and I think it is the best show in China.  It is produced by the man who did the Opening Ceremony for the Beijing Olympics which was outstanding to say the least. One can take a bamboo raft ride, hike the hills or go biking through other villages.  If you are interested in learning to cook Chinese food, there is a school with half day or full day classes.  It is a hands on class so you cook right along with the instructor and then enjoy the fruits of your labor too.  For more information contact us at  interlak@eskimo.comLi-River-Cruise-Boat