Time to Book a Tour!

We are entering the time to think about booking your tour to China.  Doing research is the first thing but too much can only confuse you.  China is as large as the U.S. so depending on the time you have available, you should plan on seeing what you are most interested in.   A good plan is important so you don’t over plan and try to see too much in a short time.  You will find yourself spending a lot of time in airports and train stations plus going to and transferring from them.  Going to or coming from the airport in Beijing can often take as long as the flying time from Shanghai or Xian to Beijing.  Booking a tour early is also important to get the best internal flights, hotels and trains.  I book tours starting here in October and the booking season usually narrows down to the end of May or early June.  Best times to tour China for weather is Mid March to the end of April and then again in the fall from September through October with the exception of the first week of May and October.  Both are National holidays and most people get a full week off at that time.  Transportation and hotels can be difficult during those weeks and high prices are normal besides the number of domestic tourists crowding the sites.  For more information keep reading our blog which I go back and keep the information current on previous Posts  that I have written over the years..  ChinaDaveDave-and-the-Pandas-03