Which Group Tour to Choose

I don’t do Group Tours unless a group comes to me and asks me to put a tour together with perhaps some special interests which I like to do.  Otherwise I do not do sell or organize Group Tours.  My specialty with 26 years of travel throughout China has been doing customized tours to customer’s specific interests and budget.   So how do you pick out a good Group Tour as there are many.  DO NOT GO JUST BY PRICE!  There are many low budget tours available but you may only go to China once in your life and you do not want to be greatly disappointed. Once you are there, it is too late and you have to stick it out.   (continue below the photos)Chinese food0003XishuangbannaGuides-and-TippingLocal-restarurants Ask the tour company you are looking at for some references of people who have used them and are able to contact them directly.  If they just give you a list of references with no contact information forget them.  Low budget tours use hotels out in the suburbs or away from the areas where you can walk around and explore on your own.  Meals often are steam table buffets rather than sit down and be served meals.   A good group tour uses centrally located hotels, most dinners and lunches as well as all breakfasts.  Sights should be the main sights and not glossed over free sights that cost the tour company little or no money.  The best group tours usually have 12 to 16 tour members.  Many poor ones have 50 to 80 tourists and slow down your tour having to follow a local guide with a Bull Horn leading you around like a herd of sheep.  For more information I am always glad to answer your individual questions.