Trains to Lhasa

FacingPotalaPalace_01Many people like to ride trains and some who have never ridden a train in their home country often want to take a train in China just for the experience.  With the new fast trains now in China that go up to 185 mph it takes much less time between cities and you see much more of the countryside.  Since the Lhasa trains have been put into service there has been a great deal of interest in taking them.  Pictured here is one of the Lhasa trains.  These trains go from Beijing to Lhasa with several stops along the way and returning go to Chengdu and Chongqing too.  One needs to remember that these trains travel all night as well so scenery is only during the daylight hours.  There are approximately 25 to 30 cars per train.  You should only take First Class sleepers where smoking is limited.  Second class sleepers and coaches allow smoking.  Oxygen is pumped into the cars to compensate for the thin atmosphere at 10,000 feet otherwise the cars are like any other trains.  Prices listed for the trains will vary depending on the season.  Tickets are sold through second sources and are often priced higher than listed ones and sometimes twice the cost due to supply and demand.  It is best to book the train through a tour operator or travel agent well in advance.  My personal experience is that the trains are always full.  For more information feel free to contact me at  email:   You won’t be put on any spam list or get a sales pitch from me.  My 25 years of travel in China and over 2,500 client’s feedbackLhasa-Train0005 has given me many insights into travel in China and Tibet.