If You Like It; Buy It!

This is a phrase that I often tell my clients.   China has so many unique and interesting things to buy it is often difficult to decide on many things.  Pictured here is a 3 colored Jade piece that I took a photo of and wanted but the price was very high.  I didn’t buy it but after returning home thought I missed a great opportunity to buy something that is one of a kind.  I went back the following year and it was gone.  The tea pots shown here are one of a kind hand chiseled from a rare stone.  I have 8 of them but have never found them again as the craft is no longer done.  Art pieces of many kinds are all over China but as I say, “If you like it; buy it” because you may never see the same thing again.  One can always bargain for lower prices sometimes half of what they are asking except in department stores.  Your guide on a tour can take you to places that are not always open to the public but he usually also gets a commission for taking you there. You of course do not have to buy.  Bringing home little treasures one finds is fun and brings many future memories especially if you have met the artist in person.  One of my favorites is a painting done by a man without arms and uses his feet to paint. It is so good we have it hung in our living room.  For more tips on purchasing you can contact me at  email:  interlak@eskimo.com    My name is Dave and we live in Seattle.  People are asking about the painting below.  It is not a painting by a hand made embroidery which took the woman 3 months to make.   Made of hand dyed silk.