A Visa is Needed to Enter China

China requires a visa to enter the country which is glued into your passport.  Cost presently is $140 at the Chinese Consulates located in several major cities if you appear in person.  The Consulates do not accept applications mailed directly to them anymore.  If you are not in one of those areas, you can use a Visa Service to submit it.  There are many Visa Services but it is important to use a well known one that can be trusted since you must send in your passport.  Cost is usually about $200 more or less plus FedEx or other couriers.  The application and instructions can be gotten on line or if you send me your email address and state in which you reside, I can email you the 4 page application along with the instructions.  Visas can be good for up to 10 years now. My email address is  Email:   interlak@eskimo. My name is Dave and I am located in Seattle, Washington.  26 years Experience in Travel to China and Tibet.Great-Wall0010