Arriving In China By Air

Most tourists arrive in either Beijing or Shanghai.  During your flight you will be given an Arrival Card to fill out.  This plus your passport will be needed to give to the Security Agents.  You then will continue on to the luggage areas.  Everything is in English so you will be able to find your luggage carousal.  After procuring your luggage you then exit where you will see many people waiting to meet other passengers.  If you are on a tour, a guide may be waiting for you holding up a sign with your name on it.  If you arrive on your own, there are signs to direct you to the taxi stand.  DO NOT go with anyone asking you if you want a Taxi.  They overcharge you and are illegal.  There is a train  that goes into the city in both Beijing and Shanghai.  The Shanghai train is a MagLev train that goes up to speeds of over 200 mph.  It arrives at a station in Pudong across the river from Shanghai proper.  You will need to take a taxi from there to your hotel.  One problem is that taxi drivers in China seldom if ever speak English. A Taxi Starter at the airports speaks English and you tell him where you want to go and he relates it to the driver.  There is a meter on all taxis but there is also a toll fee to be paid when the toll road is used which is in addition to the meter.  For more information on arrival in China please feel free to ask me at  email:    I am always willing to share my 26 years of travel in China.   Silk-Road-TourDave-and-the-Pandas-03Hainan-Air0002