What to Expect on Travel to Tibet….

Tibet is one of those places in the world that people look at as being an exotic destination.  Before you go you should do a lot of research on why you would like to go there.  That is the first question I ask clients.  If you are interested in religion, it is a great place to visit.  If you are interested in Tibetan culture of course it is the best place to visit although only 1/3rd of the Tibetans live in Tibet.  Some people tell me they want to see the mountains.  Lhasa is on top of the mountains at 12,000 feet.  The viewing mountains are in the western part of Tibet such as Mt. Everest.  Lhasa is about 400,000 people now and much more modern than you would think.  Modern hospitals, stores, restaurants with many choices of food and hotels that are modern.  One hotel is a Facing-Potala-Palace_07Monastery-0002tibet-mountluxury hotel with a swimming pool lined in 24ct. gold leaf.  Rooms are fantastic some with views of the Potala Palace.  A Tibet Permit is needed to go there and can be obtained by your tour operator in addition to your Chinese Visa.  One should be healthy as Tibet is from 12,000 to 17,000 feet above sea level with very intense sun.  People over 80 I ask to obtain a letter from their doctor.  You will feel the difference just getting off the plane which is about 50 miles from Lhasa.  Altitude medicine is available everywhere but you may want to bring your own prescription.  There are modern hospitals in Lhasa.  Do not buy those oxygen bottles that they sell.  They last only about 30 minutes and are a waste of money.  Just move slowly and take your time.  For more information on Tibet, you are welcome to contact me directly with questions.  You will not be put on any spam list or be subject to a sales pitch.  I am semi-retired and have travelled through China and Tibet for 25 years and love sharing my experiences and knowledge of both China and Tibet.  You might want to check some of my packaged tours on Tibet here on my web site for examples although I do customized tours to your interests and budget too.  email:   interlak@eskimo.com  My name is Dave or as some of my friends call me   China Dave