What to Wear While Touring

That is a question I hear often.  For touring casual wear is fine everywhere…unless you are going to a business meeting, or special event.  Slacks and shirt for the men.  Slacks or skirts for the ladies.  Shorts at the knees is acceptable as well.  Leave your expensive jewelry at home.  Laundry can add up and is accepted in the hotels for one day service or Express service.  Average cost for a pair of pants or skirt is about $5.00. A good pair of sturdy shoes is highly recommended….no high heals.   Umbrellas, rain hats or ponchos are available everywhere.  A hat is also recommended for warm sunny days as well as sun glasses especially if you are going to Tibet or desert areas along the Silk Road.  For more recommendations feel free to contact me at  Email:  interlak@eskimo.com   My name is Dave and you will not be put on any spam list or get a sales pitch from me.   Just always glad to help with any advice needed.Family-Visits0002GroupLiJiang0001