Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple

The home of Fung Fu is the Shaolin Temple between the cities of Luoyang and Zhengzhou.  Both just west of Beijing or east of Xian.  Here KungFu was born and still exists as it did in the past.  You see here the #1 Monk who has the rice bowl on his stomach.  He challenges anyone to remove it  (only one time in the past was it ever removed)  I was the only foreigner in the audience and of course they pushed me to do it.  I noticed that his skin was moist from the other activities and thought perhaps if I twisted it rather than try to pull it off, it may work.  Indeed it did but you would have thought the audience would have cheered me but they were silent.  The Monk had lost face which is important in their culture.  After the show was over, the Monk came out and called me up on stage.  He bowed to me and presented me with his rice bowl.  An act of humility which I truly respected.  If you are unable due to a time constraint can not visit the Shaolin Temple there is a wonderful FungFu Opera in Beijing that is presented more like a story but has much KungFu during the show.   I still have the bowl of course and it brings back many good memories.  That is what China is all about….having some great memories of an ancient Asian Culture in the Modern World.Shaolin-TempleShaolin-Temple0002Shaolin-Temple0001