Planning a Tour

Planning a tour can be difficult sometimes.  China is as large as the U.S. so think in terms if you would help a foreigner plan a tour to the U.S.  Determine how many weeks you have and what budget you have available.  Then list the possible places or sites you might like to visit.  Trying to see too much in one trip is normal since most people go to China once in their lifetime.  Taking a group or package plan often takes in standard sites some of which you may or may not have an interest in.  A customized tour to your interests and needs is often the best choice not wasting time seeing things that you have no interest in or leaving out places you thought you might like to see.  Cost can sometimes be less if you like going out to dinner on your own or like some free time to explore on your own.  A tour planner such as myself who has been to China 55 times over the span of 26 years has a great deal of up to date information on China and may send you to places you may Lhasa0001Dave-and-the-Pandas-03not thought of.  I do not lead tours but  work with my Chinese Associate partners updating myself on new places to visit and inspecting hotels and sites personally.  For more ideas on planning a tour you may contact me by email at:   My name is Dave and I will not give you a sales pitch or put you on any spam list.