Travel Illness and What To Do

I have been to China 55 times in 26 years and have only been ill once.  That was because I ate with some farmers who invited me to celebrate the husband’s retirement from teaching.  Antibiotics took care of it which I carry with me at all times.  There are two things that are common to any travel. Diarrhea and Constipation.  Not only do you need to adjust yourself to the Time Change but to your diet change too.  Chinese often  use MSG in their food especially in sauces.  Limit the foods that have sauces in them and you will be fine.  Diarrhea can be avoided with  a couple of simple rules.  DO NOT DRINK water other than bottled water even in 5 star hotels and then only from stores and not at sites from peddlers.  You will receive two bottles of water free at most hotels.  The other is DO NOT EAT from booths on the street.  Nine out of 10 times you will not get sick however the 10th time is not worth the risk.  There are plenty of restaurants everywhere as Chinese like to eat out often.  Take remedies with you but you can also ask your guide to direct you to a local pharmacy which has western and Chinese medicines available.  Dr. Ho pictured here with me is over 90 years old and retired in a small village outside of LiJiang.  He and his father researched natural medicine for many years and now his son and daughter in law who are also doctors are carrying on the research.  He has a wonderful museum in the  village and welcomes guests to visit it.  Dr. Ho speaks English and 8  other languages fluently and never charges for his services in his small clinic.  For more information contact me at My name is Dave and you will not receive any spam or get a sales pitch from me.Dr.-Ho0006