Tipping In China

Tipping is a bit different in China.  Your hotels already have a 15% service charge built into the cost of the hotel.  The only tipping would probably be the Bell Hop who takes  your luggage to your room and then only a small amount.  Same with restaurants as the service charge is in the cost of the food. If you leave a tip for the server, they have to give it to the manager or owner.  20 years ago there were signs on the hotels that said “No Tipping Allowed”.  It was considered western bribery which was kind of funny as bribery was common with officials and in some cases still is done.  A taxi driver also is not tipped but only the fare on the meter is rounded off to the next yuan higher.  Tipping guides and drivers on the tours is acceptable of course. Tips are put in an envelope and handed to them when you leave that portion of your tour.  They will politely thank you and put it away quickly.  Your tour operator will give you suggestions on tipping as it is a little different from the city to the rural areas.  For additional information on tipping you are welcome to contact me by email:  interlak@eskimo.com   My name is Dave and I will not put you on any spam list or do a sales job on you to do a tour with us.  Dave-and-the-Pandas-03Heavenly-Lake0003