Exchange Money Here or China?

One of the questions I get is should I exchange money before I get to China.  My answer is always NO!  You will pay a premium of sometimes 30% more in your home country.  You won’t really need Chinese yuan right away.  When you arrive at the hotel there is an exchange desk that charges a very slight commission to exchange your money into Yuan as a service to their guests.  The only money you may need is to tip the Bell Boy to take your luggage to your room if needed.  Most Banks in the larger city will exchange money but do not count on it in the more rural areas.  Cash is King in China and few  places accept credit cards.  There are ATMs in many areas but again not in the rural areas.  For more information on exchanging money in China contact me at  email:   My name is Dave and you will not  be put on a list of spam emails or get a sales pitch on booking a tour from me.  Silk-Road-Tour