Food in China

Many people ask about the food in China.  Chinese food is a bit different than in the western countries just like Chinese food in Western countries is different for Chinese.   Western food in China is a bit different too.  In most hotels you will have a selection of Western food and Chinese food for breakfast which is usually included with your tour. Eating Chinese food day after day during a tour can be a bit much so be adventuresome and go out for dinner on your own and select what you like.  If it gets down to Fast Food, McDonalds is the closest you might get for same food as in the U.S.  KFC however is usually spicy to the taste of the Chinese.  You may or may not like it.   Pizza Hut is unique as their menu is quite varied which many western people like.  Your guide can offer suggestions although they tend to recommend expensive restaurants so as not to offend you.  You will not get exotic foods like dog, snake and donkey.  It is kind of like us eating alligator which I personally like and have often in New Orleans.   For information on any allergies please email me and I will be glad to send it to you.  I have a sheet that is translated from English to Chinese advising a waiter what you can not eat or are allergic to it.   Email:  interlak@eskimo.comChinese food0003