Shangrila Lost!

Zhongdian or as it is known as Shangrila once was considered the Lost Paradise settled by Europeans many years ago as their remote Shangrila!   A popular tourist destination in north Yunnan Province at the corners of Tibet and Sichuan, it has been the favorite place to relax and enjoy the Tibetan culture at   10,000 feet above sea level.  Only in the last 10 years or so has it become a well known destination for  adventure seeking tourists.  My first visit there many years ago, there were only two hotels, few restaurants and some nightly entertainment which was at a wealthy residence where they served butter tea and sang and danced to recorded music.  Having just been there two years ago, the quaint old town with its weathered wooden buildings and narrow streets was the perfect small town to relax and enjoy the culture and the people.  Many sights are near by to enjoy.   HOWEVER this all changed January 2014 when a fire broke out and destroyed over 1/3rd of  1,084 preserved wooden houses, one of which you see here in the background as my wife and a friend enjoyed a cup of tea when we were last there.  Hopefully some parts may be rebuilt but it will never be the same as when it was founded 1,300 years ago as Paradise Lost.   For more information feel free to contact me.

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Planning a Tour of China

Good planning insures a great  tour.  One can not see everything in a country as large as the U.S. but you can see what you really are interested in with good planning.  I have been planning tours for 25 years for over 2,500 people.  Everyone’s interests are different so I have a Profile sheet that I ask clients to fill out stating their interests and requirements.  China can be overwhelming with the differences between western countries and Asia in general.  Ancient history and culture has a fantastic appeal to people.  Modern China which surprises most people and ancient China is side by side and offers a great contrast to compare and enjoy.  Most people come back from their tour exclaiming how friendly the people were and were a bit taken back by the modern facilities of China with their beautiful modern airports and the ultra modern high speed trains between many cities reaching speeds of 180 + mph,  Yes, travel costs have increased in the last few years but the sights and culture make great memories and many things are still relatively inexpensive compared to Europe.  We do custom private tours to your special interests and needs.   Please check out web site at    Click on the photos for full screen views.