Laundry in China

This is one thing you should be aware of before going to China.  At this time there are no laundries as we know them.   Hotels have this service and usually can be done in one day or less.  In the closet or in the desk drawer is a laundry list with prices.   The more expensive the hotel; the more expensive the laundry.   A bag is furnished to put dirty clothes in along with copies of your list.  You keep the top copy.  You can either call housekeeping or leave the laundry bag in the hallway.  Laundry will be back in the evening.  You can ask it to be on hangers or to be folded. These days some hotels are just washing the clothes and adding a charge if you want them pressed.  Just pressing or dry cleaning can also be done.  These costs can add up so you might think about clothes that are of quick drying materials that may be washed in your room, rolled up in a towel to get the water out and hung up to dry.  There is a cord that can be strung above the tub in the bathroom.  Leaving the fan on will speed up the drying process too.  If you are in the countryside or a remote area they still have laundry service in the hotels but don’t expect it back for right away depending on the weather!  They have no dryers and hang it out to dry!  🙂   The first time it happened to me was a shock as I put two very damp shirts in a plastic bag and left.    For more tips on Travel in China, let my 25+ years of travel through out China you may contact me with your questions at   My friends call me ChinaDave.