Juizhaigou National Park

Juizhaigou National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in all of Asia. The color of the water is natural from the minerals in the park. Waterfalls and the ability to walk over cascading water down the hill sides brings nature right below your feet. Wooden walkways go all through the park for walking and hiking any miles or you can ride a Green Bus from stop to stop all through the park too. Convenient “Green” modern toilets are available everywhere the bus stops. This area was discovered in 1975 and opened to the public soon after and has been carefully developed using the latest Green methods of preservation.  Only 5,000 people are allowed in the park in one day to keep it pristine so be sure you have a ticketed reservation before going to this area. Qunawu Valley which before now has not been open to the public was just opened and is unspoiled and has many animals, forests and lakes to enjoy.   Check out other national parks as well as some of the famous mountains like Taishan, Huashan and Huangshan for more fantastic beauty and hiking.  Click on the photos for a full screen view!

National Parks Go Green

Going “GREEN” is in for just about everything these days to help save our Planet. In China many of the National Parks have already gone “Green” Above you see the famous Juizhaigou National Park in Sichuan province which has gone Green in a big way. The buses use natural gas and give out no pollutants, the toilets are modern and recycle wastes into the ground. Wooden paths are all through the park saving the land and plants. Air is fresh and clean and too there is a limit of 5000 people per day allowed into the park to keep it pristine. I spent a whole day in the park and did not see one scrap of paper or waste on the ground with plenty of waste bins located everywhere. What a fantastic example of what a National Park really can be.

Great Hall of the People

The Great Hall of the People in Beijing is one site that should not be missed. Group Tours do not include it because it is the government’s political meeting building as well as a reception hall for foreign dignitaries. It is sometimes closed to the public during these events. Most people visit it during some free time as it is located on the west side of Tiananmen Square. The many reception rooms one of which is pictured above are each decorated for one of the Provinces of the country. Although you can not enter them, there are glass windows to look in and view them. It also has the largest stage in the country and can seat 10,000 people. There is a cafeteria located in the building where you can have lunch and is often used for State Dinners. Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, Mao’s Tomb, the Great Hall of the People and the History Museum are all located in one area and within easy walking distance of hotels near Wangfujing Mall. Click on the photos for a full screen view!

Remote Sichuan Mountain Area

It took two trips over two years to put together a tour to the remote area of what I call the Danba Loop. Inhabited by friendly Tibetans it is located in Sichuan province and seldom visited by foreigners. I mapped out the area to include some of the most beautiful areas of the mountains over 6 days gradually getting up to 12,000 feet. There are some small towns with modern hotels like Danba and Kangding but also many Tibetan villages where you may stay in a private home and experience first hand the life of these wonderful friendly people. Along the way you will visit Temples, one of which has 24 ct. gold leaf on the outside that shines in the sun and can be seen from miles around. Another area has a wonderful park with a cable car that will take you up into the snow topped mountain and later at the foot of the mountain to a fantastic Hot Springs to soak as you like in 5 different pools. Check out my web site at www.interlakechinatours.com and go to my Packaged Tours and click on the Ecological Tours. Click on the itinerary to see the details. This and many other tours can be included either in parts or in whole to a private custom tour just for you to your interests. Tours to China is my business; but the culture is my passion.

Chinese Style Hotels

As a China and Tibet Tour Operator for the past 25 years, I am often asked by clients to book a Chinese style hotel. Major hotels in China are often similar to western style hotels and some very modern with unique decorations. Many old Chinese hotels are now being remodeled with western facilities but with prices to match. There are new hotels also being built in the Chinese traditional style such as the one above. The Wang Fu Hotel in LiJiang is one of my favorites built around court yards often with ponds, arched bridges, plantings and small tea houses. The Wang Fu hotel is in a quiet area of LiJiang although they have a dance most evenings around a bon fire in front of the hotel. A western/Chinese buffet breakfast is included in the bright sunny restaurant which you see above. There is a 4 star wing and new 5 star wing added which gives you a choice of accommodations. The remodeled old traditional small Chinese hotels are available but often at very high prices because of limited rooms but do offer luxury accommodations. There is a trend to some high luxury hotels which I will write about in the coming months starting at $500 to $2500per night for those who want an exceptional experience in a luxury hotel. Tours to China is our business but our real passion is the culture.   www.interlakechinatours.com

Visiting Remote Areas of China

China is 1.3 billion people. Most of us think of heavy populations and crowded cities; but China has beautiful remote areas with few people and wonderful culture too. Sichuan province in south central China has over 100 million people but yet has wonderful scenic countryside with few people as seen above here. Many lush mountains, snow capped peaks, small villages, fantastic national parks and few western tourists. One can really get into the culture amongst friendly people. Check out my web site at www.interlakechinatours.com and click on Packaged Tours, then on Mountain Tours to see just one example of a remote tour. Of course we can design a custom tour to your interests and specifications too to many other areas that are remote and unique. Tours to China and Tibet is our only business for over 25 years.  Click on the photos for a full screen view!