YuHu Village

 I have been planning tours for clients to go to China since 1992 and traveled through out China since 1989. My trips now are working with my local suppliers all over China reviewing sites, hotels and looking for those very unique places to send my clients. One of those special places shown above is YuHu village with all houses, roads, buildings etc. all made from the round stones found in the area. Strangely enough the famous explorer, Joseph Rock, actually lived here until the late 1940’s before the revolution. His home is still there and can be visited. Located not far from LiJiang it is an interesting village to visit not only because of the rock designs but because it is a typical old rural China village with no shops and has changed little in the last 200 years. Joseph Rock made his home here because he loved the rural quiet atmosphere which it still maintains. You will seldom see tourists here and it is like walking back into history. This village along with some others can all be visited in one day each with their own unique atmosphere such as Baishan with shops and the famous Dr. Ho’s Clinic, Wenghai which is very primitive and Lashi if you are interested in horse back riding. For some unique China Tour Packages and Custom Tours to China, check my web site at:  www.interlakechinatours.com   Click on the photos for a full screen view!