The Ancient City of Kashgar

National Geographic magazine last year had an article on Urumqi and Kashgar on the Silk Road. Located in China just across the boarder from Pakistan and Afghanistan in Western China, this area is historically famous as part of the Great Silk Road. The magazine reported about tearing down one of the Old Muslim Sections of Kashgar. There are actually 5 large Muslim neighborhoods of homes in Kashgar. Above pictured is one of them located very close to the central area which I visited this past September. Kashgar is a wonderful place to visit not only for the Great Saturday/Sunday markets which is is best known for but for the wonderful Muslim culture. We can still see much of the old mixed in with the new. Donkey carts delivering fresh produce to the neighborhoods can still be seen as well as the home factories making all kinds of wonderful hand made products. Above pictured with me is Ekber a local Muslim Guide who posses a great deal of cultural information and history of his home city. We are standing in the Square in front of the large Mosque. Yes the markets are interesting for bargains, but don’t overlook the rich cultural history of this area and the food is not to be missed as well. For more information see my web site at We added two new tours between Urumqi and Kashgar to include Hotan and the Takilmahan desert.