Turpan’s Grape Valley

Another great site at Turpan, second lowest place on earth in the desert is Grape Valley. This area is known for the sweetest grapes and melons in China. The locals make raisins from the grapes in drying rooms above their homes. In this dry climate it only takes about one month for the grapes to dry into raisins which are shipped all over China. The grapes are grown on arbors about 7 feet off the ground so they may be harvested from below during the hot weather. Although Muslims do not drink wine, there is a winery located in Grape Valley and I bring a bottle home with me with each visit. The Hami melons named after the city of Hami are the sweetest melons I have ever had and very inexpensive when bought from the growers along the road. We visited a local family and had lunch at their home. I usually include lunch at a local Muslim home as the food and culture experience are one to enjoy and learn first hand about the Turpan history and area. Check my web site for two new tours of the Silk Road that I added for next year. www.interlakechinatours.com